in which mr john starts a new kind of post

Not all my posts have to be stories. Starting now some will be interesting photos, notes about plants; things that make our natural world so special

Mammatus clouds at sunset October 7, 2008, Deltona Florida

After a vicious Florida storm, we were treated by an eerie orange sky, filled with cotton balls.

Nat King Cole – Orange Colored Sky

“Flash! Bam! Alakazam! Out of an orange colored-sky.”

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The Orchid Thief

John Edward Laroche (born February 19, 1962, in Florida) is an American horticulturist who was arrested for poaching wild ghost orchids while working for the Seminole natives in the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve in Florida. The subsequent trial brought him to the attention of Susan Orlean, who wrote an article for The New Yorker and the book The Orchid Thief about him. After the events of the Orchid Thief, he shifted careers to Computer Science. Notably, he went on to work for both National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institution designing school-age learning tools and online curricula.

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