Oy Vey.

Update One: The site is moved and broken. I think e-mail works.

Update Two: Woke up to see the hurricane is going to miss us. Let’s get this site fixed and move on to Kerry’s websites and email.

Update Three: The hurricane seems to want to miss us. I’ve no complaints there. I have been having fits all day with WordPress.com. Their “happiness engineers” finally sorted out my site so I can continue to fix it.

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The Orchid Thief

John Edward Laroche (born February 19, 1962, in Florida) is an American horticulturist who was arrested for poaching wild ghost orchids while working for the Seminole natives in the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve in Florida. The subsequent trial brought him to the attention of Susan Orlean, who wrote an article for The New Yorker and the book The Orchid Thief about him. After the events of the Orchid Thief, he shifted careers to Computer Science. Notably, he went on to work for both National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institution designing school-age learning tools and online curricula.

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