Month: May 2019

  • The Vomit Story

    A tale of dinner time, cats, vomit and more vomit. Oh and some more vomit.

  • The Summer Job That Tried to Kill Me

    One of my first summer jobs wanted me dead. This is the tale of how I survived and the prequel to my famous “Dick in the Crane” story.

  • My Brain Broke

    A short post offering a rationale for my erratic postings and why I have ended up as a retired/disabled house elf.

  • Fuck Fish

    One of the most asked questions about “the movie” is the “Fuck Fish” scene. It’s been a band name, a song, several memes, and it is a long-ass story and not the brief scene you get in the movie.

  • Don’t Damn Me

    Throughout my life, I have had some issues with credibility. With my lifestyle and the crazy situations, I found/find myself in my stories are so fantastic, so random, so unlikely that some people have difficulty believing me.

  • Jail Sucks

    In the apocalyptic-like post-Hurricane Andrew South Florida, John goes to jail for pretty much no reason wearing a beautiful pink shirt.